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BTS : TVC Pertalite - Shoot in Lombok

We were very fortunate to work in the beautiful island of Lombok. We spent 4 days scouting locations and 2 days of shoot. Lucky for us, we get to see places from east, south, north and west of lombok. Only 2 hours plane ride from Jakarta. And car ride all the way. We stayed in Senggigi. Lombok offers us great hospitality from the locals, the spicy delicious food, and the most eye gazing scenery from the sea, the beach, the hills, the mountains, and the clear blue sky!

TVC Title : "Melaju Lebih Jauh"


Creative : PTC

Product : Pertalite

Duration : 1 x 60 sec

Camera : RED

PH : Jakarta Pelangi Productions

Executive Producer : Didit Sulistyo

Producer : Becky Sutomo

Director : James Ashburn

DOP : Gunnar Unay Nimpuno

Phantom Operator : - Ipul

Art Director : Ivan Meirizio

Post Production : Sunny Side Up

Animation : Geppeto

Music : Dimas Satya

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